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✓ up to 60% of casino revenue;
✓ up to ₽9000 per active player;

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Average weekly income


Paid in 2018-2019


presented at the contests

Why is it profitable to work with us

WelcomePartners is more than just an affiliate program.

Reliability: more than 7 years on the market

Profitability: average weekly income ~$2480

14 direct offers: the best rates on CIS-market

Professionalism: 53+ CPA-networks resell our offers

Stability: weekly payouts

Effectively convert all types and sources of traffic

RevShare: up to


casino revenue for lifetime

CPA: up to


for active player

Hybrid offers and CPA MAXimum!

Top 10 webmasters

Numbers speak louder than words: join the best and get into the TOP for income!

Last week


11 028 400 ₽
3 144 800 ₽
2 963 157 ₽
2 808 794 ₽
2 373 860 ₽
2 106 394 ₽
2 070 505 ₽
1 431 336 ₽
1 430 964 ₽
1 369 600 ₽
1 041 000 ₽
723 096 ₽
433 376 ₽
411 016 ₽
390 000 ₽
248 265 ₽
236 447 ₽
206 341 ₽
184 661 ₽
181 875 ₽

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Types of promo and advertising formats

Mobile applications
Landing Pages
Demo games
Video Promo
Custom promo materials

For each of our products there are available many animated GIF / HTML5 banners in a large number of sizes. For your website there is always an appropriate banner.

We provide mobile applications ready to be installed on mobile devices. Also on the WP APP platform there are applications available to arbitrate traffic on ad networks (FB-target, contextual advertising).

You can send traffic not only to the main page of the casino but also to landing pages optimized for certain categories of players. Adaptive and converting - the player will not pass by.

Demo games are highly attractive to potential players – this machine has no difference from that in which it will be possible to play after registration and realistically simulates the game and the winning process.

Ready-made or custom-made branding is an advertising format that fits organically into the design of your website. It is impossible not to notice!

Ready keyword list for an online casino that will be a great start for SEO or launch of contextual advertising campaign.

Short videos lasting from 5 seconds to a minute with a variety of content and information about the casino and its benefits. Ideal for pre-roll ads!

Everything for your success – if you need specific promotional materials so order them here by contacting support service! You can request banners, landing pages, texts and other promotional materials.

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Contacts and FAQ

We are happy to answer your questions and help to resolve any difficulties!

Hey. How can we help?
  • Affiliate Program
    • What is the Welcome Partners affiliate program?

      What is the Welcome Partners affiliate program? An affiliate program is an optimal marketing system that is used by webmasters and teams (who have their own web resources and tools) to promote and offer leading gambling brands with a high reputation to their audience. WelcomePartners offers world-famous top offers as well as high rates RevShare and CPA programs.

    • Why should I become a WelcomePartners affiliate?

      Being on the market for more than 8 years as a direct advertiser, we have the opportunity to offer high RevShare and CPA rates. More than 200 thousand webmasters trust us. We have been making regular weekly payments without delay for 8 years. We provide an extensive statistics section in which you have access to all the metrics and a large number of reports on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and much more!

    • How can I join the Program?

      It is effortless to become our partner: registration takes less than 15 seconds. Just click the "Register" button and fill out the registration form (specify your username, password, traffic source (link to the website or Internet portal), your contact information (skype/telegram) and phone number. To register, you should study the terms and conditions of cooperation and accept them. After filling out this form, you should indicate your traffic sources and methods of attracting traffic.

    • What types of cooperation do you offer?

      We provide an opportunity to work on the following types of cooperation (offers):

      • Revenue Share (percentage of casino income);
      • CPA (payment for an active player);
      • Hybrid (combination of Revenue Share and CPA types).
    • How long does it take to get my account approved? When will it be activated?

      Our managers are constantly processing all the registration applications but due to large number of them there might be some delays. If you are applying during the business day your application form will be processed within 24 hours. If you are applying in the morning you will get replied by the end of a day.If you are applying during the weekend or holidays, the application will be processed as soon as our business day starts.

      You will be notified about the application status via email address you've added to the application form.In case we need some additional information for approving your account we will contact you via email, Skype or Telegram.

    • Why haven't I got my account and access to the affiliate program approved?

      The decision on the admission to the system is based on the information you've provided.

      If you received a rejection letter it means the information you've mentioned previously was not enough to approve your account. All the materials requested in the application form (traffic sources, screenshots of statistics, etc.) are important for making the decision.

      You might have not filled out the fields with the contact information which was the reason we could not contact you to clarify all the details and, therefore, approve your account.

      In case you think we've rejected your application by mistake,please contact our Support Department (support@welcomepartners, Telegram - @welcomepartners).

  • Statistics and Income
    • How often do the stats update?

      The process of updating statistics can take up to 40 minutes (on average ~ 10 minutes). You can see the last time the statistics were recalculated (updated) in your account.

    • How are my affiliate earnings calculated?

      The income is calculated separately per day - it is finalized the following day from 4.30 to 5 UTC, and then it goes to the balance.

      Projects work under the RevShare program (from 40% to 60%), according to which you receive a percentage of the casino's profit, in other words, from the losing of attracted players. According to RevShare, players are assigned to you for life - while they play, you get income!

      CPA programs are connected up individually upon request to the Support Service and involve a fixed fee for attracting active players who have made a specified amount of deposits.

    • When and how are payouts made?

      Payouts are made automatically every Monday. The minimum payout amount is 160 rub for a single balance. For Capitalist – 8000 RUB / $100 / 100 EUR. For the Bitcoin and Tether payment methods, the minimum payout amount is $100 for Bitcoin and $300 for Tether.

    • How much can I earn?

      There is no answer to the question. Everything depends on your endeavours, volumes and traffic sources. We should emphasise, our many affiliates earn dozens of thousands of dollars monthly.

      For an approximate calculation, use the income calculator on the main page of our site.

    • What are the basic plans for affiliates?

      We offer the following models of cooperation:

      1. RevShare - you will receive 40% of casino income (The program is available by default for all offers).

      2. CPA - assumes a fixed fee for the registration of active players who have made an agreed minimum amount of a deposit or deposits. To connect up the CPA program for the offer, you need to contact the support service.

      3. Dynamic Revshare - like a regular RevShare, but has 3 dynamic thresholds (for example, up to 5FD per month = 30% rate, from 6FD per month = 45% rate, from 200FD = 55%). You can find specific conditions for the offer on the "Products" page.

      4. Dynamic CPA - an agreed fixed payment for active players, depending on the number of FDs.

      5. Hybrid - you will receive a flat fee for active players and a RevShare percentage for life on the casino's income from these players.

      For more information, contact our Support Service.

  • My Account
    • I can't log into my account. What to do?

      First, make sure that you enter the correct information for your email and password. If you forgot your password, use the password recovery function. If you turned on the restriction while logging into your account by the IP list, follow the advice above.

      If you are sure your entered data is correct - contact the support service; we will help!

    • What if I’ve forgotten my password?

      To recover your password, please click ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page, enter your email registered with your Welcome Partners account and follow the instructions from the email. If no email received, please check your Junk folder, as sometimes the emails we send are treated as spam. Please remember to update your Junk filters to avoid this in future, as we will contact you from time to time about the important website updates.

  • Promotion, Tools
    • What are the accepted GEO?

      The primary targeting of our projects is Russian-speaking players from the CIS countries (except UA) and players from the Baltic countries. At the same time, each project has its own list of countries for promotion. Specify the valid information in the Support Service – the support team will help you choose the offers and landings that are most suitable for the GEO of your traffic.

    • Are there banned countries where I cannot promote?

      The list of prohibited countries depends on the project. Please ask our Support Team to provide you with up-to-date information for each separate project.

    • Which landing pages show the highest conversions?

      To find out the list of the most converting offers and landing pages, you need to contact our Support Service.

    • Which offers show the best conversions?

      It all depends on the traffic you have (GEO, target audience, interests, age group, etc.). Our platform provides an extensive number of offers for webmasters to select. On the "Products" page in the webmaster's room, a description of each offer has been placed - this means you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

      You can also contact our Support Service. We can help you to choose an offer.

    • Do you have a Sub-affiliate Program?

      Yes. You will receive 5% of the income for each webmaster you attract. For more information, visit the "Referrals" section in your personal account.

      An affiliate link is available on the page, and you can copy and share it through your social media networks or messengers.

      Nearby you can find a block with banners to advertise our affiliate program and attract partners (for individual promotions, contact our support).

      Slightly to the right, your current balance is displayed, earned from the income of the partners you attracted.

      Below, there is a table with 2 menus - the calculation of income from partners by date and a separate page with all partners' list.

    • Do you provide apps for webmasters?

      Yes, if you cooperate with us and drive traffic to one of our offers, we will provide you with applications as Facebook, Google, Tiktok for any GEO for free. To share the application, please contact your lead manager or our Support Service.

    • Do you have a remote registration?

      Yes, our projects support the remote registration API.

      Using this function, you can register players on your side (for example, on your website) and send us their registration data (e-mail and password). After this registration, the player automatically enters the authorized casino, and he does not need to re-enter his mail and password.

      Documentation on the Remote Registration API is sent upon request to WelcomePartners support (via the ticket system). In your request, please indicate which of our brands need the documentation

  • Miscellaneous
    • How to attract players to your casinos?

      Here are the basic methods of attracting players:

      - promotion of your own casino-subject sites in the web search engines;

      - creating of doorway pages;

      - driving traffic from social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc.);

      - buying traffic (arbitration) in advertising networks, and directly from the site owners.

    • What kind of traffic for the best conversion?

      The best conversion is shown by the targeted traffic from search engines (SEO). With a skilful approach, you can reach good results in the conversion of social networks traffic, but before getting started, find out what SMM is and how to deal with it. It is also possible to purchase traffic profitably. Still, it depends on its quality and your skills in the “preparation” of a visitor (landing page) before forwarding to the targeted website.

    • I would like to get a 888x444 sized banner, but you don’t have it. And I also need a unique text review of a casino. What should I do?

      For active webmasters, we provide all the necessary promo materials. Check the contacts here. You can order exclusive reviews if you have more than 500 unique hosts every 24 hours on your targeted site, or your attracted players generate 20+ first deposits per month in our affiliate program.

  • CPA-model cooperation
    • How to start working as a CPA?

      CPA (Cost Per Action) is a model of advertising collaboration where only players who perform specific actions on the project site are paid.

      To set up a CPA deal for your account, you need to contact our support team, specify your traffic sources and approximate traffic volumes that you can generate.

    • What geo and traffic sources are allowed / prohibited when working on CPA model?

      We do not accept traffic from spam mailings, toolbars, motivated and fraud traffic. If the partner casinos receive a complaint about spam, it can be a reason for the termination of cooperation.

      We accept traffic from all Russian speaking CIS countries (full list of geo you can ask at our support team). Ukrainian traffic is not accepted.

    • What does my CPA rate size depend on?

      During the formation of a rate on CPA, evaluated the financial indicators of attracted players, their activity over a long period, and traffic volumes are taken into account. A change in any of these indicators may entail a change in the size of the payout, as well as a change of the hold period, including its complete write-off. The method of analysis of indicators and their detailed composition is a part of the anti-fraud system and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

    • What is a lead "qualification"?

      Lead (player) Qualification – is an automatic event that occurs when a player performs within 7 days after registering at the draft minimum conditions for CPA programs. After the player qualifies, crediting is created on your balance with the status "Hold"

    • What is "Credits" in CPA?

       This is a certain amount credited to the webmaster’s balance. As part of the work on CPA deals, all accruals are not immediately available to be paid and automatically get to "hold" status at the end of the day.

    • What is "hold" status (in the context of CPA)?

      The hold is the state of the payout amount for the lead, during which they are not available for payment (frozen) for a period of N days . During this period, the player must receive the status of "Active Player" , and the affiliate program undertakes to verify this status and either approve it or reject it. In addition to checking the status, the player is checked for violations of casino and affiliate program rules during the hold. The duration of the N period defaults to 14 calendar days.

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