Terms and conditions

Please carefully read the affiliate program terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us in the way convenient for you.


1. Affiliate Program Terms

Casino — is a website (for instance, www.gmslots.com )that offers organization services of online gambling on the Internet web.

Partner — webmaster, CPA-network, or affiliate group (individual or legal entity) accepting the public offer on Welcomepartners.com site and working on promoting the Welcomepartners affiliate products on the Internet.

Affiliate Program — marketing agency specializing in attracting visitors to the site by means of partnership arrangements.

Players – individuals that joined client’s site using a link provided by the partner and registered a personal account.

Income — a commission percentage of the income a client earns from the players engaged by the partner.

Payout — accrual of the funds earned by a partner from the internal account of the Affiliate Program to any external payment system valid within the Affiliate Program.

Reporting period — the time interval determined for accumulation and calculation of the partner’s earnings for the subsequent withdrawal of the funds to the external payment systems.

Advertising materials (promotional materials) — appliances used by the partners for furtherance of the client’s services on the Internet and beyond it.

CPA - means Cost Per Acquisition. 

CPA Payment - is a one-time payment for every qualifying player payable to the Affiliate if it chooses the CPA reward plan.

Cap - the volume of leads that can be accepted from the webmaster is agreed upon with the manager BEFORE the start of traffic flow.

2. Terms And Conditions Of Welcomepartners Affiliate Program

1. Getting started with Welcomepartners Affiliate Program each of the Partners has to review and accept the present terms and conditions of the Program.

2. Taking part in the Affiliate Program a Partner admits the fact, that current terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program can be altered without preliminary notification of the Partner.

3. Accepting the terms of Welcomepartners Affiliate Program, a Partner approves he is already 18 or more years old.

4. A Partner is fully responsible for safety of the personal confidential login information for Welcomepartners Affiliate Program (login and password). The Affiliate Program does not take any responsibility in case of a loss of personal confidential information.

5. Welcomepartners Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse cooperation with any partner without giving an explanation.

6. Welcomepartners Affiliate Program reserves the right to alter Terms And Conditions Of The Affiliate Program. The rules published on the site of the Program are considered to be valid at a certain moment. We provide no chronology of the changes done.

7. Welcomepartners Affiliate Program strictly prohibits its Partners to use email spamming as a way of promoting the client’s services. The Affiliate Program reserves a right to ban personal accounts in the Welcomepartners system without any further payouts, in case any spam mailing activities are detected from the Partner’s side.

8. It is prohibited to have accounts in Casino for members of the Affiliate Program. In case such occurrences are detected, both partner’s and player’s accounts will be banned with a further full withdrawal of the balance. This rule is equally valid for players personally acquainted with the Partner.

9. The Affiliate Program provides bare graphic materials without any text backgrounds. Partners are allowed to use information available within the site and casino’s lobby in their own presentation. Any texts copied from the sites without any re-writing may become a reason for termination of a partnership.

10. Affiliates shall not use so-called cookie stuffing, namely:

- It is forbidden to embed our sites in an iframe of 0 size or in the transparent area.

- It is forbidden to stuff cookies with the help of any scripts, tags (for instance: img), and in any other way except for opening our casino page in a viewable for a player area.

11. The Partner is obliged to monitor and follow the recommendations in the notifications from the Affiliate Program about changing redirector domains via tickets, mail, or Telegram bot.

12. The members of the Affiliate Program are strictly prohibited to use click fraud or any kind of other cheating actions targeted at wasting the rivals’ advertisement budgets.

13. Under the terms of this affiliate program you are not allowed to register yourself as a sub-affiliate should you have a non-dormant affiliate account already OR in case you are a supervisor of an affiliate account owned by an individual or an entity you run or may have some sort of access to. Affiliates shall never register two or more accounts with the WelcomePartners Program. Should the need arise to hold two or more affiliate accounts, the Affiliate shall inform the Support Team and have a fact-based reason to have them.

14. The WelcomePartners affiliate program reserves the right to ask for affiliate’s traffic sources where the affiliate promotes the products that are presented in the affiliate program. Should the affiliate refuse to give the traffic sources details, the affiliate program reserves the right to cease cooperation with this affiliate. 

15. The affiliate program reserves the right to hold affiliate’s payout if the administration of the affiliate program has the reason to deem that the affiliate has broken the rules of the affiliate program or there are suspicions of fraud.  The payouts can be put on hold for any timeframe until the issue is resolved. If upon issue investigation the affiliate program finds out that its rules have been broken, we reserve the right to ban the affiliate’s account without any prior notification. 

15.1. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to block and nullify the balance of the Reseller Partner’s account for public defamation, unjustified criticism, as well as for the actions of the advertiser in causing reputational and image harm to the Affiliate Program and/or affiliate program projects (casino).

16. With socially tabooed words repeatedly used and/or Support Manager(s) insulted, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse communication or online assistance, or terminate account with zeroing the account balance.

17. The e-communication and face-to-face conversation with the Administration, an Affiliate Manager, or Support Manager is considered non-public confidential data. The Affiliate registered with this Affiliate program is banned from showcasing the non-public data to the public, disclosing or giving access to it (or part of it) to third parties. Should the Affiliate break this rule, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate’s account with zeroing its balance. 

In case of breaking the current collaboration rules & terms, the Affiliate Program saves the right to close your account in the Welcomepartners system without the right to withdraw funds and explanations.

3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

If the Affiliate is interested in the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) commission plan, it shall contact its account manager to enable the plan. Otherwise, the CPA commission shall not get calculated. Specific conditions which apply to the Affiliate’s CPA Reward plan will be set by the Affiliate’s account manager.

When forming rates for CPA programs, the financial performance of the referred players, as well as their activity in the long run are taken into account.

Any change in these parameters may affect the amount of the rate, as well as the Hold period and amount, including its complete zeroing.

Methods of parameter analysis and their detailed structure are a part of the antifraud system, and can not be disclosed to third parties. 

Key concepts when working with the CPA programs:

Qualifying player is an automatic event that occurs when the player meets the minimum performance requirements for the CPA commission programs.

Cap is the volume of leads that can be accepted from the webmaster and is agreed upon with the manager BEFORE the start of traffic flow. For driven traffic over the established limit, leads are not paid, and qualification postbacks are not sent for such leads.

Hold is a period of time within which the player shall obtain the status of "active player" and the affiliate program agrees to check this status and either confirm it or reject it. In addition to status check,  the player is being monitored for abusing the casino and the affiliate program rules during hold period.

Active player is a player who regularly returns to the casino, makes a deposit, and plays for real money.

Confirmed credit is an event when the player becomes active and the amount of credits for the player becomes due.

Withholding of credits is an event when the credit is removed from Hold and withheld from the Affiliate’s balance.

The following are conditions of the CPA programs (unless otherwise agreed with the account manager):

(1) If a player meets the conditions for CPA program, he or she is deemed qualifying. To get the status of Qualifying, the number of deposits of the player and the number of rounds played within 7 days must exceed a minimum threshold specified in the conditions of the CPA program. Otherwise, the player doesn’t meet the qualifying conditions.

(2) Once a player gets qualified, the Affiliate gets a fixed amount for that player according to the specified project and program onto his/her balance. This amount is blocked for payment until the administration qualifies the player and puts the amount on Hold.

(3) The duration of the Hold period is 21 days *. If upon a period of 21 days the player doesn’t get his/her active status in the casino or he/she is suspected of abusing actions ** - he/she is rejected and the credit for this player is withheld (Withholding of credits).

(4) If during the Hold period the player confirmed his/her active status, i.e. has become an active player, then the credit is confirmed.

The order of withdrawal of leads from the hold:

(5.1) Leads are removed from the hold in seven-day periods, each period starting on Wednesday and ending on Tuesday (unless otherwise agreed).

(5.2) The minimum number of leads to be withdrawn from the holding is 5 (five) leads within one offer (program).

(5.3) If at the time of lead withdrawal there are less than 5 leads in the hold, they are not withdrawn, but are transferred to the next period.

(5.4) The maximum lead time in a hold is 28 days, after that the lead is considered automatically rejected.

* The Hold period can be changed by the Affiliate Program Administration at its discretion. 

** The Affiliate Program reserves the right to withhold the credits of CPA program without explanation.

4. Commission Structure Of The Affiliate Program

Earnings of a Partner are calculated due to a certain percentage of the net profit a casino receives from the players involved by this Partner. The ratio does not depend on the Partner’s turnover and amounts to 25-60% of the net profit of a casino, except chargebacks, fees, and bonus points. Ratios may vary without pre-warning. You can always check out the valid ratios in your personal account.

5. Payout Terms and Conditions

The reporting period established within Welcomepartners Affiliate Program is one week. Payouts are carried out weekly if a Partner has funds sufficient on the account balance. Payoffs are performed each Monday for the previous week,(from Monday to Sunday inclusively). For the successful withdrawal, it is necessary to provide the correct payment data in the program.

Currently, Welcomepartners Affiliate Program does not provide prepayments of the partnership interests.

The minimal partnership payout possible is 280 USD.

In case the funds on Partner’s balance aren’t withdrawn within 6 months, its account will be blocked and the funds will be zeroed. After another 6 months of inactivity, the account will be deleted from the Affiliate Program. If an affiliate’s account was blocked, 30 days from the ban date the account balance gets zeroed without chance to restore.

6. Disputes Resolution

In case of any controversial situations, Welcomepartners Affiliate Program is always ready to consider the partner’s arguments and approach to solving of the current problem justly and honestly for both sides.

You need to provide your arguments and justifications in a letter and forward it to the support mailbox. Time established for consideration of the complaints is 14 business days. The decision carried out by the Affiliate Program is final and can not be reviewed. Letters containing defamatory, false accusations, and profanity will be deleted without a review. 

7. Conditions of Sub-affiliates (referrals) engagement

Welcomepartners Affiliate Program gives an opportunity for their Partners to make a profit not only by Casino Players' involvement but new Partners as well.

The multi-level program allows to receive up to 5% from the referral’s income according to the table given below:

level 1 — 5.0%

level 2 — 4.0%

level 3 — 3.0%

level 4 — 2.0%

level 5 — 1.0%

level 6 — 0.50%

level 7 — 0.25%

level 8 — 0.13%

level 9 — 0.06%

level 10 — 0.03%

8. Legal information

The site is operated by the company:
Cyonix Services Limited, registered # 142,483, registered address: 35 Barrack Road, 3rd floor, Belize City, Belize


9. Privacy Policy

Personal data which are collected and processed by the Company with respect to Users:

Contact information, а valid e-mail address, relevant payment information, login (username). All data which are provided by You must be correct and valid. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the data which You provide.

If you create account using social networks (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin), app additionally collects your email in order for you to be able to receive notifications, confirm your account and use it as a login (username) in the future. Using email, you can restore your password, and we can also identify you as the owner of this account.


How we will use Your personal information. 

We use Your personal data to identify the User`s identity when registering on our website, to identify You for the correctness of making payments from the User to the Company and from the Company to the User. We use Your payment details for the purpose of providing You with services on our website.

We use Your personal data for such main purposes: to provide You with our services; to maintain Your account and records; to communicate with You in the frame of the provision of our services; to provide answers to Your questions and comments; to monitor the dynamics and levels of use of our website and the quality of our services; to determine the interest in our services; to improve the quality of our services and our website; to notify You about our special offers and services that may be interesting for You; to determine Your experience on our website; to receive information from You, including by conducting surveys; for the resolution of disputes; for charging fees (if there are appropriate grounds); to conduct matching procedures in order to prevent fraud or illegal actions; to process Your data in accordance with the GDPR (if You are the EU resident); to process Your payments (if applicable); to eliminate problems and errors on our website; to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to ensure compliance with the our Terms&Conditions and all our Policies placed on this website; for compliance with the law and regulatory requests. 


Access to, correct, erasure, and deletion of data.

If You wish to view any personal data that we store about You or if You want to make any changes to Your personal data or delete them; or if You wish to receive information on how Your personal data are used by the Company, how we ensure the confidentiality of Your personal data, You can submit a request to our support team. 

You must submit such a request to the Company in writing. The request must contain Your name, address, and description of the information which You wish to receive, correct, or delete. The request can be submitted by You via e-mail support@welcomepartners.com

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