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  • What is the Welcome Partners affiliate program?
    • Welcome Partners affiliate program is an ultimate marketing system used by webmasters and companies (who own and operate their own websites) for the purposes of promoting leading and reputable gambling brands to their user base. Once you register with Welcome Partners, you will gain access to your webmaster’s study where the Promo menu contains a vast range of creatives and links that can be posted on your website, blog and used in subscriber-based emails. These include banners (JPEG, GIF or FLASH) demo games and hosted landing pages which refresh automatically to advertise the latest event or promotion.When a visitor to your site (or subscriber of your newsletter) becomes a referred player (by clicking on your affiliate referral code to the corresponding casino site offered by our program, fully registers and makes deposits, and plays), you will earn a 40-55% RevShare commission, or a negotiated CPA payout.

  • How can I join the Program?
    • Becoming an affiliate is easy: just register. It will take you less than 10 seconds without any approvals and email confirmations.

  • Is your Program free?
    • Yes! Absolutely! Using our program is completely free of charge. All you have to do is sign up, and you're in! There’s no charge to apply and there’s no minimum players requirement.

  • Why should I become a WelcomePartners affiliate?
    • You'll benefit from a generous 40-60% RevShare or lucrative CPA plans for every player that you refer.Lifetime RevShare! The gaming activity of all your referred players counts towards your commission as long as they play.We offer you access to more stats reports on the performance of your campaigns than you'll find anywhere else.

  • Can I trust you?
    • Absolutely. You must understand that in gambling, as well as in any other online and land-based business – good reputation is the foundation of prosperity and success. That is why we believe that honesty is the best policy. A partnership program is the optimal way of collaboration of the advertiser and business owners. You can choose any marketing tool that fits your experience and skills, use our quality promo materials and create an effective campaign to drive traffic to our partnership program. Sign up with Welcome Partners today and start enjoying the best ratio on the market!

  • How often are my stats updated?
    • The stats are updated every 15 minutes and can change during the day. While updating that can take up to 15 minutes and parsing feeds, the stats can be not showing. Note, it doesn’t get lost but just updated.

  • How is my balance formed?
    • Earnings per today are shown only in the Stats tab and get finalized the next day from 4.30 to 5 am (UTC) and are placed onto the balance then. This is how your balance is credited. Your earnings from your sub-affiliates pass to your balance immediately and once the minimum amount is accumulated, an automatic payout is made via a preferred payment method.

  • How are payouts made?
    • Payouts are made automatically every Monday. The minimum payout amount is 160 rub ($2.00) for a single project.

  • How much can I earn?
    • There is no answer to the question. Everything depends on your endeavours. We should stress, our many affiliates earn dozens of thousands of dollars monthly.

  • How can I change my payment details?
    • If you want to change your payment details, please submit a ticket to our Support Team. Note, your payment methods requests sent on Friday later than 3 pm (UTC) will not be processed until Tuesday! On Mondays we don't change your payment details to avoid any payouts issues.

  • What are the basic plans for affiliates?
    • There are some basic plans: 1. RevShare plan. You will get from 40% of casino income (by Default) 2. CPA plan. You will get paid for an active registered player, who deposits a minimum set amount. 3. Dynamic Revshare plan: - up 5 first deposits per day - 25% RevShare - from 6 to 200 first deposits per day - 45% RevShare - from 200+ first deposits per day - 55% RevShare CPA plans can be enabled individually by sending a request to our Support Team.

  • How can I change my payment details?
    • If you want to change your payment details, please submit a ticket to our Support Team. Note, your payment methods requests sent on Friday later than 3 pm (UTC) will not be processed until Tuesday! On Mondays we don't change your payment details to avoid any payouts issues.

  • How can I change my password?
    • You can change your password in your profile settings. To this end you should enter a new password twice in corresponding fields and click ‘Save’.

  • What if I’ve forgotten my password?
    • To recover your password, please click ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page and enter your email registered with your Welcome Partners account and follow the emailed instructions. If no email received, please remember to check your Junk folder as sometimes the emails we send are treated as spam. Please remember to update your Junk filters so that this doesn’t happen in future, as we may need to contact you from time to time about important updates to the website.

  • What are the accepted GEO?
    • The main targeting of our projects is Russian-speaking players from the CIS countries (except UA), as well as players from the Baltic countries. At the same time, each project has its own list of countries for promotion. Specify the actual information in the Support Service – the support team will help you choose the offers and landings that are most suitable for the GEO of your traffic.

  • Are there banned countries where I cannot promote?
    • The countries list vary for our projects. Please ask our Support Team to provide you with up-to-date information for each separate project.

  • What is a referral code?
    • A referral code is a key tool to count referred players and all stats (deposit amounts/winnings/losses/played games) in our affiliate program. It is your unique affiliate link that you generate yourself separately for every project. Users - who clicked to this link and registered in a casino within 30 days from the last clicking through your affiliate referral code – are automatically assigned to your affiliate account and earn you money.

  • How to use referral codes?
    • Once created, every referral code lets you get a unique link or code for banners, landing pages and other promotional materials in the ‘Promo’ tab. Further, the stats report shows how efficient your ad campaigns have been.

  • How to generate a new refcode?
    • In the ‘Refcode’ tab please select a casino url to which you intend to attract players. In the ’New Refcode’ field enter any symbols and figures and then pick plan (always RevShare by default) and click ‘Save’.

  • What is a dynamic referral code and when to use it?
    • Dynamic refcodes are used when you need many refcodes simultaneously. To this end, copy a prefix near preferred casino in the Dynamic Refcodes table and add as many refcodes as you need. Note, the number of dynamic refcodes is limited to 1000. If you need to increase the limit, please contact our Support Team.

  • How many refcodes can I create?
    • The number of refcodes is limited to 1000. If you need to increase the limit, please contact our Support Team.

  • Can I use logo and content of casinos from your program?
    • Yes, you can but ONLY IN CASE your page is used for this casino promotion and its content is rewritten.

  • What if I have more than one website?
    • You can send players from as many sites as you like from any industry.

  • Do you have a sub-affiliate program?
    • Yes. You will earn a commission of every registered sub-affiliate’s income. You can see your percentage rate on the ‘Balance‘ menu, ’Referrals’ tab.

  • How long do cookies last?
    • Cookies for the majority of our casino partners last for 30 days but for some projects cookies life can be up to a year.

  • What is a redirect link?
    • We have introduced a new traffic distribution system. Redirection schemes with the help of your redirect links ensure a stable access to a casino. Redirect links always drive your traffic to an alternative non-blocked domain should the main site be banned, and they will always redirect to another available domain in case of any server issues or overloads. Redirection prevents traffic drain.

  • How to send traffic to any webpage but not the main one only?
    • Example: We would like to drive traffic to the page http://club-vulkan.com/games/demo/sharky_hhs. For this purpose we copy a part of the link after the domain without the slash games/demo/sharky_hhs, go to the site http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/, insert it in the appropraite field we’ll see on the screen and click the “Encode” button. The string obtained we’ll add to the link of the redirector in the following way: http://gomakemerich.com/?s=35&ref=wp_w6305r207960p43_clv&url=games%2Fdemo%2Fsharky_hhs The initial link looked like this: http://gomakemerich.com/?s=35&ref=wp_w6305r207960p43_clv&url=games%2Fdemo%2Fsharky_hhs, i.e. we added a part of the link to the url parametr which has been empty before.

  • Is it possible to use a Clickunder script for a landing page?
    • In order to use a ClickUnder script for a landing page, replace the domain link with the desired one in the wpClickUnder function.

  • In case I have $100 on the balance of the project gmslots.com, whilst my club-vulkan.com balance is -100, will I have no payout in total?
    • You’ll get $100 from the project gmslots.com due to the fact that payouts are issued seperately for each of the casinos. Though you’ll get no payoffs from club-vulkan.com until you cover the negative balance on this project.

  • I have earned $100 for the previous period on gmslots.com project and my balance indicates $50. Where the remaining $50 are ?
    • Most likely, previously, for instance, before the last period, you have had a negative bаlance on the project mentioned and the revenue for the last period covered it. Please try to check the stats for a more durable period.

  • Why am I not able to view promo materials for the casino I need?
    • Please generate a ref code in the Promo -> Ref Codes tab and all the materials available for a particular casino will be at your disposal.

  • How to draw players on your casinos?
    • Here are the basic methods of attracting players: - Promotion of your own casino-subject sites in the web search engines - Creating of doorway pages - Driving traffic from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) - Buying traffic (arbitration) in advertising networks, and directly from the site owners.

  • What kind of traffic has the best conversion?
    • The best conversion is shown by the targeted traffic from search engines (SEO). With a skillful approach you can reach good results in conversion of social networks traffic, but before getting started find out what SMM is and how to deal with it. It is also possible to purchase traffic profitably, but it depends on its quality and your skills in “preparation” of a visitor (landing page) before forwarding to the targeted website.

  • I would like to get a 888x444 sized banner, but you don’t have it. And I also need a unique text review of a casino. What should I do?
    • Active webmasters have a possibility to order all the necessary promo materials from us and we’ll prepare them. Check the contacts here. You can order exclusive reviews if you have more than 500 unique hosts every 24 hours on your targeted site or your referred players generate 20+ first deposits per month in our affiliate program.

  • Which of the projects accept mobile traffic?
    • All our projects accept mobile traffic. Please note that casinos are adaptive, so you do not have to create affiliate links separately for desktop traffic and separately for mobile.

  • It is Monday noon already, the “Payments” section displays “Completed” for my payoff, but I see no money in my wallet. Where are my earnings?
    • All the payouts are commonly transfered to your wallets by the end of the day on Monday.

  • What are the calculations for my revenue displayed in the statistics?
    • The revenue calculations formula for each of the casinos is available in “Products” section. Using it you can easily check whether all is correct.

  • How to start working on CPA deal?
    • CPA (Cost Per Action) is a model of advertising collaboration where only players who perform certain actions on the project site are paid. To set up a CPA deal for your account, you need to contact our support team, specify your traffic sources and approximate traffic volumes that you can generate.

  • What does my CPA rate size depend on?
    • During the formation of a rate on the CPA deal, evaluated the financial indicators of attracted players, their activity over a long period of time, as well as traffic volumes are taken into account. A change in any of these indicators may entail a change in the size of the payout, as well as a change of the hold period, including its complete write-off. The method of analysis of indicators and their detailed composition is a part of the anti-fraud system, and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

  • What is a lead "qualification"?
    • Lead (player) Qualification – is an automatic event that occurs when a player performs within 7 days after registering at the draft minimum conditions for CPA programs. After the player qualifies, crediting is created on your balance with the status "Hold"

  • What is "Credits" in a CPA deal?
    • This is a certain amount credited to the webmaster’s balance. As part of the work on CPA-deals, all accruals are not immediately available to be paid, and automatically get to "hold" status at the end of the day.

  • What is "hold" status (in the context of CPA)?
    • Hold is the state of the payout amount for the lead, during which they are not available for payment (frozen) for a period of N days . During this period, the player must receive the status of "Active Player" , and the affiliate program undertakes to verify this status and either approve it or reject it. In addition to checking the status, during the hold, the player is checked for violations of casino and affiliate program rules. The duration of the N period defaults to 21 calendar days.

  • What does aprrove / reject of credits mean?
    • Credits: Approved - this event, as a result of which the player is considered active and the amount of payouts per player becomes available for payment. Credits: Reject is an event as a result of which the player is removed from the hold and deducted from the balance of the webmaster.

  • Is it possible to work on CPA with payment for registration (CPL)?
    • Yes, we support the work on CPL deal, but only after cooperation on CPA model test in which you need to attract more than 200 qualified players.

  • What geo and traffic sources are allowed / prohibited when working on CPA model?
    • We do not accept traffic from spam mailings, toolbars, motivated and fraud traffic. If the partner casinos receive a complaint about spam, it can be a reason for the termination of cooperation. We accept traffic from all Russian speaking CIS countries (full list of geo you can ask at our support team). Ukrainian traffic is not accepted.

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